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My Projects Fail Because Aqua Man Can’t Fly

“I gave it a good run, but with everything else I had going on, and my inability to keep track of and organize anything at all, I was just unable to maintain it by myself, and placed it on the already-full back burner. It was incredibly frustrating. I was desperate to be successful at something, and knew it would never happen without a good, old-fashioned, right-hand man…one whose strengths were my weaknesses, and could follow through and take off with my grand ideas.

I just want to have the flash of brilliance, get it all going, and then pass it on to someone else to maintain. I want to be involved in only the exciting parts, thank you very much. Not because I’m lazy, but because my strengths happen to lie in those fun parts. If my strengths were in the boring parts, I would do those! It’s true! It’s not about being where the party is, but rather where I can personally shine, doing exceptional work in whatever project I’m working on.

You never see Superman swimming underwater to save the day…that’s Aqua man’s gig, and not at all a strength of Superman’s! Imagine Aqua man deciding to just “switch it up” and fly everywhere! Aqua man can’t fly! You catch my drift…when you’re busy saving the world, you stick with what you’re good at to get the job done right.”

~From book, “Here’s to Not Catching Our Hair on Fire” by Stacey Turis

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