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Inversions are a great way to press a mental ‘reset’ button! They improve the circulation of your blood and endorphins which allows the brain to easier manage your mood and hormone levels. And don’t worry - you don’t have to do a headstand or handstand to achieve ‘inversion status’ - an inversion is any posture where your heart is above your head; so you can even do legs up the wall. For Legs Up The Wall - Grab a folded towel, lay on your back with your feet on the wall and scoot your booty as close to the wall as you can, extending your legs up and stretched out. If it feels good, put the folded towel under your hips to slightly elevate your hips and booty. Stay in your inversion for 3-5 minutes daily - they call inversions the “Fountain of Youth” because the circulation keeps us looking + feeling youthful! 

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