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A Love Note to the Brain Gangsters

Dear Wacky Ones,

You are incredibly gifted, intuitive, highly-intelligent, and “normal” people won’t always understand the world you live in. That’s OK. Only you know what choices are right for you. Always follow your gut and your heart. It is impossible for you to fail – you have no choice but to accomplish great things in your life. Be proud of the amazing being you are. Blazing trails is a lonely job, and it’s not up to you to “wait” for others to catch up.

Understand that everything you see negative about you is actually a positive, and the very things that will allow you to accomplish those great things you are obviously destined for. Let you be you without the guilt and shame. You’ve always known you were special…trust that feeling. Laugh at yourself while teaching others. Go get em’ tiger, keep on truckin’, and finally, may the Force be with you. I think you’re covered.



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