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Learn How to Regulate Your Nervous System Asap!

  • 45 min
  • 85 US dollars
  • Disclosed After Booking

What It's All About

Fun + Simple Ways to Regulate Your Own Nervous System! In this small-group, introvert-friendly session (no cameras on or talking required...we've got you), Best-Selling Author + Mindfulness Coach, Stacey Turis will touch on the physiology of the “wanderer”, the incredible and interactive Vagus Nerve, which acts to counter-balance the ‘fight or flight’ and ‘rest/digest/recover’ responses in your body. We’ll talk about what Vagal Tone is and how to affect your ‘own’ Vagal Tone (hint: we want it higher) for highly-effective, long-term benefits. Next, we’ll dive in to learning simple, fun, science-based practices that any person of any age can use to quickly and easily manipulate their nervous system for: Relieving Stress Reducing Anxiety Improving Focus Boosting Digestion Improving Sleep Balancing Energy To keep you on track following the course, you’ll receive a copy of the slides, with the practices we learn during the session so you can continue the practice on your own. Vagus Baby! What happens in Vagus does not stay in Vagus - it moves through your WHOLE body, making you feel chill or energized, depending on what you need in that moment!

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