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  • 45 min
  • 85 US dollars
  • Disclosed After Booking

What It's All About

Pick Your Mindfulness Session Below: Mindfulness for Executives Mindfulness is a perfect tool for executives to develop into more self-aware, grounded, emotionally intelligent, and effective leaders. Executives and high performing professionals increasingly use mindfulness to manage stress, maintain strategic focus, enhance cognitive performance, promote emotional intelligence, and improve interpersonal relationships. Mindfulness for Students Mindfulness is a perfect tool to teach students of all ages to bring their focus back to the present moment. It also helps in developing students' inner skills by creating different relationships to experiences that are stressful. It improves their ability to control attention levels (by strengthening their ability to self-observe) and to train attention. In other words, it teaches them to ‘pay attention to paying attention’, and can also make them more aware of their emotional state, so they won’t react impulsively. We do this by strengthening their 'mental muscles'. Mindfulness for Parents Kids are capable of setting off a wide range of emotions in parents. In those moments, our reactions to them may be inappropriate to the present and are instead, based on the past. By being more mindful, we can pause before reacting, taking time to calm ourselves down. We can remind ourselves to breathe for a minute, become more aware of the present moment and choose to respond in a manner consistent with how we want to treat our child. Mindfulness for Seniors Loneliness, depression, and anxiety are considerable risk factors for seniors and the elderly. Research indicates that mindfulness is an encouraging intervention that is well worth introducing; as it helps seniors and elders to find peace within themselves with daily practice.

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