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The cascade of goosebumps running down your back, tiny hairs standing up from a touch, the small tug that starts deep in your tummy, the tastes, the smells, light stroking, deep kissing - all sensations letting us know...SEX - IT DOES THE BODY GOOD.

And boy it does! But did you know, it also does the brain good?! REALLY GOOD. So whether you're flying solo, or you have a's good to have sex on the brain!

Two Humans Embracing

OMMMMMG...IT'S LIKE MEDITATING - An orgasm is a special place of consciousness where you're feeling rather than thinking. There's no multi-tasking or monkey-brains happening during an orgasm. The area of the brain positively affected by an orgasm is the same area positively affected by meditation; called the 'God Spot' and in both instances, you have a sense of well-being afterwards.

The best orgasms can be created by keeping your head OUT of the game. Clear your mind and focus on the body. Stop thinking. Start feeling. Slow down. Slow. Down. Feel. Don't think. Feel. Slow. Explore. Yeah. There you go.

I may or may not have just turned myself on.

DECREASES ANXIETY LEVELS - Sex decreases anxiety levels thanks to our mix-ologist brain serving us a gorgeous cocktail of good-feel hormones and neurotransmitters, which act as powerful mood enhancers. I can't get enough of these guys...

Oxytocin - Bonding Hormone

Dopamine - Feel Good Hormone

Serotonin - Serenity Hormone

IMPROVES BRAIN FUNCTION - Having sex regularly allows for neurogenesis, which is the creation of new neurons. These new neurons improve cognitive function, allowing people to think more clearly.

PREVENTS MEMORY LOSS - Sex promotes cell growth in the hippocampus, which is the area of the brain instrumental to long-term memory - that cell growth prevents the decay that leads to memory loss and dementia.

FEEDS YOUR BRAIN - Female orgasms light up as many as 30 different areas of the brain - these lights represent blood flow which is carrying a surge of nutrients and oxygen to the brain cells.

REDUCES DEPRESSION - According to one of my favorite Brain Gangsters, Dr. Daniel Amen, an orgasm soothes the same part of the brain calmed by anti-depressants. Bouts of depression happen less frequently in people practicing their sex swag regularly.

I'm starting to imagine a world where prescriptions are for orgasms instead of anti-depressants...I dig it! And it doesn't cost a dime! Orgasms for everyone!

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