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Finding happiness is kind of elusive for some of us. There are definitely 'bouts and spurts of happiness thrown in with all of the blunder - but as far as maintaining it for an extended amount of time...forget it. Most of the time we're just putting out fires and happiness comes when we can fall into bed, go to sleep (if we're lucky) and forget about all of the shit hanging over our heads until the next morning (or 3am when my brain likes to torture me with insomnia - dangling the 5am wake up carrot over my head like an asshole).

What it took me a while to realize is that happiness is always there - it's always within reach and easy to touch, if only for a second! The best way I've found to force myself out of my brain and into my earthly body is to create little happy spots around the house that talk to my senses. Whether it's the warm flame of a candle or fire, the soothing language of a fountain, the smell of essential oils warming - chosen by your mood that moment, an assortment of leaves, rocks or shells lounging on your coffee table that called out to you on a walk...these are all tools to hi-jack your brain.

A jar with aflower bud

I found this little bud on my kitchen floor after putting some flowers in a big vase and didn't have the heart to throw it away. I threw it in this little turquoise jar with water, set it on my coffee table and I've been enjoying it all week! When I need some eye candy...some stimulation...some feeling...I look over and *BAM* bitch is happy. Create happy spots wherever you need them by using things you love to look at.

It doesn't cost ANYTHING and you can change them out as much as you need to keep your bratty brain interested!

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