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Famous Brain Gangsters

Here’s a list of famous Brain Gangsters with ADHD. Obviously people who lived a long time ago weren’t officially diagnosed that way, but written history suggests they might have had ADHD. Enjoy the list. You are in good company!

Ansel Adams — Photographer

Ann Bancroft —Actress

Alexander Graham Bell — Telephone Inventor

Harry Andersen — Actor

Hans Christian Anderson — Author

Beethoven — Composer

Harry Belafonte —Actor, Vocalist

Col. Gregory “Pappy” Boyington —WWII Flying Ace (Black Sheep Squadron Leader)

Terry Bradshaw —Football Quarterback

George Burns — Actor

Sir Richard Francis Burton — Explorer, Linguist, Scholar, Writer

Admiral Richard Byrd — Aviator (Was retired from the navy as, “Unfit for service”)

Thomas Carlyle — Scottish historian, critic, and sociological writer

Andrew Carnegie – American Industialist

Jim Carrey — American Comedian

Lewis Carroll — Author (Alice in Wonderland)

Prince Charles — Future King of England?

Cher — Actress/Singer

Agatha Christie — Author

Sir Winston Churchill — English Statesman (Failed the sixth grade)

Bill Cosby — American Actor, Comedian

Tom Cruise — Actor, Couch Jumper

Harvey Cushing M.D. — Greatest Neurosurgeon of the 20th Century

Salvador Dali —Spanish Surrealist Artist

Leonardo da Vinci — Italian Inventor, Artist

John Denver — American Musician

Walt Disney — American Cartoonist, Film Producer, Theme Park Innovator (A newspaper editor fired him because he had “No good ideas”.)

Kirk Douglas — American Actor

Thomas Edison — Inventor (His teachers told him he was too stupid to learn anything)

Albert Einstein — Physicist (Einstein was four years old before he could speak,and seven before he could read)

Dwight D. Eisenhower — U. S. President, Military General

Michael Faraday — British Physicist, Chemist

F. Scott Fitzgerald — Author

Malcolm Forbes —Forbes Magazine Founder & Publisher

Henry Ford — Automobile Innovator, invented the Production Line

Benjamin Franklin —American Colonial Politician, Elder Statesman, Inventor

Galileo (Galilei) — Italian Mathematician, Astronomer

Danny Glover — American Actor

Tracey Gold — American Actress

Whoopi Goldberg — Comedienne, Actress

Georg Frideric Handel —German Composer

Valerie Hardin — Gothic Poet, Artist, Children’s Author

Mariette Hartley — Actress

William Randolph Hearst — Newspaper Magnate

Ernest Hemingway — Author

Mariel Hemingway — Actress

Milton Hershey — Hershey’s Chocolate Magnate, American Philanthropist

Dustin Hoffman — Actor

Bruce Jenner — Olympic Athlete

Luci Baines Johnson – Daughter of USA President Lyndon B. Johnson

“Magic” Johnson — American Basketball Player, Film Personality, Business Man

Samuel Johnson — Author

Michael Jordan — American Basketball Player

John F. Kennedy — U. S. President

Robert F. Kennedy — U.S. Attorney General, Brother of JFK

Jason Kidd — Professional Basketball Player

John Lennon —Musician

Frederick Carlton (Carl) Lewis —American Olympic Athelete.

Meriwether Lewis (Lewis & Clark) — Explorer

Abraham Lincoln —U.S. President during American Civil War (Entered The Black Hawk War as a Captain and came out a Private)

Greg Louganis — Olympic Athelete (Diving)

James Clerk Maxwell — British Physicist

Steve McQueen — American Actor

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart — German Child Prodigy Composer, Violinist, Pianist

Napoleon Bonaparte —Emperor of France

Nasser (Gamal Abdel-Nasser) Egyptian Leader

Sir Issac Newton – English Scientist, Mathematician (Did poorly in grade school)

Nostradamus —Physician, Prophet

Ozzy Osbourne —English Rock Musician, said he was ADHD on TV

Louis Pasteur — Scientist, developed “Pasturization” (Rated as mediocre in chemistry when he attended the Royal College)

General George Patton — American Military

Pablo Picasso — Spanish Cubist Artist

Edgar Allan Poe — English Author, Poet, Master of the Macabre

Rachmaninov — Russian Composer

Eddie Rickenbacker — WWI Flying Ace

John D. Rockefeller —Founder, Standard Oil Company

Nelson Rockefeller — U.S. Vice President

August Rodin — Artist, Sculptor

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt — American First Lady

Pete Rose —American Baseball Player

Babe Ruth — American Baseball Player

Nolan Ryan — American Baseball Player

Muhammad Anwar al-Sadat — Egyptian President, Nobel Peace Prize Winner in 1976

George C. Scott — American Actor

George Bernard Shaw —Author

Will Smith — American Actor, Rapper, Entertainer

Tom Smothers — Actor, Singer, Entertainer

Socrates — Greek Philosopher

Suzanne Somers — Actress, Pinup Girl

Steven Spielberg — American Filmmaker

Sylvester Stallone — American Actor

Jackie Stewart — Car Racing, Grand Prix Hall of Famer

James Stewart — American Actor

Henry David Thoreau —Author, Poet

(Lev Nikolayevich) Leo Tolstoy — Russian Author (Flunked out of college)

Alberto Tomba — Alpine Ski Champion

Vincent van Gogh — Dutch Artist who settled in France, Impressionism

Russell Varian — Inventor

Jules Verne — Author (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea)

Werner von Braun — German Rocket Scientist (Flunked 9th grade algebra)

Lindsay Wagner — American Actress (Bionic Woman), Spokesperson

Gen. William C. Westmoreland — Military (Vietnam Era)

Robin Williams — Prolific American Comedian, Actor,

Woodrow Wilson — U. S. President

Henry Winkler —American Actor (Fonzie)

Stevie Wonder — American Musician

F. W. Woolworth — Department Store Innovator (While working in a dry goods store at 21, his employers wouldn’t let him wait on a customer because he “Didn’t have enough sense.”)

Frank Lloyd Wright — American Architect

Orville Wright —Airplane Developer

Wilber Wright — Airplane Developer

William Wrigley, Jr. — Chewing Gum Maker

William Butler Yeats — Irish Author

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